Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kudos to Dan.

Okay so if you don't know who Dan is, he is a huge part of "Perez Hilton of Stardoll" (Also known as Stardolls Most Hated Website). His stardoll username is "Danpuffs" and I recommend talking to him in his guestbook or adding him as a friend if you haven't already. 
Anyways, where was I? Ahh... yes. So Dan was getting a lot of crap from people on stardoll saying that he was a girl pretending to be a boy. He put up with it in one of the best ways I have seen people put up with internet gossip.

He posted ^ that video. Honestly, I think he is so brave. 
I encourage people on Stardoll to be like Dan. Don't be a kiss up and just be who you are. Things are so much easier that way.
Okay I'm gonna stop this post before I start to sound like my mom. 
Love you all so much!

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