Saturday, January 9, 2010

And SPEAKING of Scandals...

It was only a few days ago that Eternity magazine was released. Although I don't know Mel (bluegreen) personally, I do know her from seeing her around stardoll. You aren't a real Stardoll member if you haven't. End of story.
But now there is one tiny issue. 
People are going nuts over her nude "photo shoot" if you will. 
In my personal opinion, nudity is part of art. There are parts of the magazine that I dont highly suggest to the normal age group of Stardoll as it does get a bit "naughty" at parts. Altogether though, it was a really great issue. 

So what do YOU think about the cover?
I mean, forms of nudity have been used before. Especially for publicity!
Is it a publicity scam, a real-deal, or did the editor REALLY think that it wouldn't cause such a stir?
Let us know!
With love, 
Nikki x3

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