Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Best Dressed List! (Sparkle Awards!)

Let me start off by saying, there were SO many beautiful medolls. The theme was black and white (The black and white BOTH had to be in the outfit)! So I chose ten of my favorite outfits and the review will be divided into two parts: Both the positive comments and the negative. 

Here are the girls in NO order:

Positive: The accessorizing was SO GOOD. I love the way she used the many necklaces and chains as a part of the dress and I loved the way she draped them. I really like the nude-colored shoes and I think it really drew attention the dress itself as the dress was the main attraction of the outfit. AND LOOK AT THE MAKEUP! My favorite makeup of the event!

Negative: Where was the white? Yes, I see it in the purse but I think that if she used white pearls it would have gone along with the theme better.

Overall, a truly STUNNING outfit!

Positive: I give her MAJOR credit for the white table cloths. When I first saw it I didn't really know what to think. I love the way she layered the two black dresses! 

Negative: The two white table cloths didn't add any shape to the otherwise amazing dress. It kind of looked like someone put her in some sort of box? I don't really know how else to explain it. The makeup was average and I liked the earrings but I dont know how fond I am of the eyeshadow.

Positive: Layers! OMG! Soooooo pretty! I love what she did with the belt and the makeup! The furry cover-jacket was beautiful! The clutch! OMG everything about it!

Negative: ... Nothing to say here..

Positive: The Sparkly pants for the Sparkle Awards? LOVE! Like the layering of the skirt too!

Negative: Not very red carpet. And besides the pearls...wheres the white?

Positive: At first I didn't like this but now its my absolute favorite! I thought it was great and I love the way she layered!

Negative: The ONLY, ONLY, ONLY thing was the hair and makeup. I just didn't like the hair and makeup..

Positive: I like that she stayed very true to her style. Major props for that. I like what she did with the pearls and chains. 
Negative: Its just not my style! The reason I put it on here was because I liked how she was very true to herself!
Positive:Fabulous! Very red carpet! Its fancy but not over the top! I loved it!

Negative: The only part that messed it up for me (and this is going to sound REALLY nit-picky) was the little red in the back of the heel. Other than that it was RIDICULOUSLY cute.

Positive: OMG OMG OMG. Its ridiculous it seriously is. I love her makeup and the skirt. Everything was just flawless for me. Just completely absolutely flawless. 
Negative: As I've already said: F. L. A. W. L. E. S. S.

Positive: I love the chains! Its just made the whole outfit. Once again, the accessorizing is the key!
Negative: Wheres the black? 

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