Saturday, December 12, 2009

Two Of My Faves(:

So as you might know, I'm fairly new to the whole blogging thing. Of course, I'm a fan of other blogs as they inspire the writing of my own. While searching around I found two blogs that really caught my eye. Check it(:

Perez Hilton of stardoll is one of the most hilarious yet truthful blogs around. The funny part of it is that most of what he says is the complete truth. Whether he's making fun of mean Stardolls or just raging about how stupid stardoll is, he always wins a 4.5

Recherche Magazine is known for its creative magazines. The writer makes amazing graphics drawn by herself. This blog has many great features. However, there HAS been a scandal. The writer's December issue was mysteriously stolen. My prediction? We will find out more about who the lying thief is as time goes on. The blog HAS to be good if this girl was just dying to get her hands on it. I give this blog a 4/5

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